Jolanda Rodio - Solothurn, Berlin, Denmark 1995-2000

In 1995 Jolanda Rodio was forced to move when the house where she lived came under new ownership and needed to be be renovated. She found a modern flat in Derendingen by Solothurn where she lived quietly for a couple of years, trying to come to terms with being over 80 years old. But once she had lost the direct contact to Lützelflüh she started longing to move back to Denmark.

She also wanted to go back to Berlin where she had lived during her youth. When some friends offered her the whole of the 1st floor of their house as a flat, she accepted. She moved in August 1997, with 250 banana boxes full of books, another 50 archive boxes full of scores, her stone collections, pictures and her furniture. The flat proved not to be what she had imagined ie. self-contained, as she had to share the facilities with the owner and his mother. Needless to say, that having two mistresses in the house was an untenable situation.

While she was still in Berlin friends and family searched for a place for her to live in Denmark and found a medium sized flat, part of an old converted dairy, in Jedsted that they thought would be an ideal place for her. Being situated in the countryside, between Ribe and Esbjerg, the flat was convenient for visitors to reach her via Hamburg. So in 1998 she packed all her things again and moved to Denmark.

Unfortunately there was no guest room, and she had to organised B&B accommodation near by. Jedsted was too way out in the country, and there was nobody to speak to, other than the houseowner and the people in the grocery shop on the other side of Kongeaaen. She felt isolated and longed to be amongst people again, so when newly found friends heard aboud a flat in the centre of Ribe, she decided to pack up again and move to the town.

After only two months in Ribe and with only a third of the famous banana boxes unpacked, Jolanda passed suddenly away on the 1st of November 2000.