Kulturmühle Lützelflüh (BE)
«Lord protect this mill from storm and wind and from boring company»

This motto above the door on the 1st floor of the stately, well proportioned mill built in 1821 in Lützelflüh says a lot about the eventful history of the mill in 'Gotthelfdorf' (the village where God helps). The building, with its three massive rounded fronts, surrounded by a splendid baroque garden and a large environmentally friendly roof construction is one of the finest mills in Emmental. It is in this building, which up until 1970 was a working mill, that a culture centre was established in 1972. It was with a lot of enthusiasm and determination that the singer and teacher Jolanda Rodio set up a school for 'Total Theatre' there - she put on exhibitions and concerts, held conferences and courses. The mill became famous throughout the Emmental region. Financial problems led to bankruptcy and its closure in 1990.

However, a comprehensive rescue package was put together to make the impossible possible. The 'good spirit of the mill' lives on. Thanks to financial help, including money from PRO PATRIA, and also thanks to a great deal of work by local dignitaries, there is once again life in the mill.


The 'good spirit of the mill' lives on.
There's no place for 'boring' people over the wooden bridge
Art exhibitions, concerts, courses, and teaching weeks take place in the beautiful warm rooms. There are 35 beds which mean that events lasting more than one day can be held. Since autumn 1986 it has been possible to start milling corn once more, with the mill wheel and the internal gear mechanism now fully operational. The old wooden bridge, over which Jeremais Gotthelf, the famous poet and preacher, rode on his stead in1831, was restored on the mill's 200th anniversary in 1997. Culture once again is alive, according to the motto, and it is hoped that there will be no return of 'boring company'.