Biographical Information

I was born and educated half a century ago just north of Copenhagen (Denmark).
My mother (Jolanda Rodio) and father (Helge Buch) divorced 2 month after I was born. I was the youngest of 3. My eldest brother Henning grew up with my fathers family but he died when I was 10. My other brother Preben and I grew up under my mother's guardianship.

When I had passed the Danish "Real-examen" I decided to take time off from study and went to Todtmoos-Rütte in The Black Forest, Germany, where I worked for some years at "Hertzel Haus" a Hotel & Recreation Centre.
The Centre was founded by Karlfried Graf Dürckheim and is still used for meditation and seminars. The Centre is, today, regarded as one of the most important centres for "Vermittler meditativer Praxis und Erfahrung des Zen-Buddhismus mitten hinein in die therapeutische und religiöse Atmosphäre des Abendlandes".

My aim was to find out what I wanted to do with my life. I thought that I would become a physiotherapist, but a that time one had to pass a endurance test, which I failed due to weak wrists. At least I was not idle; by the time I left Todtmoos-Rütte I had gained a cook's diploma.

Having failed to become a Physiotherapist I was invited to work in a clinic in Hamburg, just to see what I had missed and I must admit that I was happy that I could not become a Physiotherapist.

While I was there I realised that I had better become some sort of technician, as I invented a gadget that made mending Volkswagen engines much easier, for which I received a cash bonus. I could not patent my invention, as all the parts used were Volkswagen originals.

Finally, I decided to return to Copenhagen to continue my studies and finished as a Technical Assistant in Buildings.

As I didn't want to be reliant on anyone, when I did return to Copenhagen, I got a job working in the kitchen of a convent. I worked from 7:30 to 9:30 and again from 11:00 to 13:30. I was studying in between work and evening-classes that ran from 18:00 to 22:30. And for six months I also worked at Tuborg from 23:00 to 5:00. They were tough times, but the satisfaction, at the end of the day, was worth it.

I had at least proved myself to my grandmother who offered to let me live and work in her house. That was all right, as she paid for my Danish driving licence so that I could drive her. I already had a German licence, but it was not valid in Denmark as I am a Danish subject.

I worked for some time in Copenhagen as a Technical Assistant for Steensen & Warming which involved working on building sites as an Assistant Site Manager, and was involved in the development of the air-conditioning system at Sidney Opera House.

I moved to Zürich (Switzerland) where I married Helmuth Steinman. I worked for different firms as a Technical Assistant.
I became interested in computing, after my divorce, and worked for Migros Genosseschafts Bund (MGB) in Zürich. I started my computer career on a GE400 as an operator. I then advanced to the groupleaded of operation and when MGB switched to UNIVAC 1106 mainframes I moved into software development. This is where I have remained. I enjoy the work and varied challenges.

I came to England originally on a one year's study leave, and found work at BP in Hemel Hempstead where I worked in their software department for 10 years. I then switched to Abbey National in Milton Keynes from where I am now retired.

It was here that I became interested in PC's and found the inspiration to start MusseKat Support, which had nothing to do with my daily work. It started as a hobby and has since grown into a business.

I started PC-How2 in 2003 after having taken 18 City & Guild certificates in computing and 2 in teaching, thus enabling me to teach (should I want to) in evening classes and other public sectors. It was quite a new experience as I can’t remember when I last was in a classroom. And by 2004 I had become a classified part-time teacher. Not bad for a 60-years old woman.

I got more involved in developing web-sites and found the need to learn Flash (not my cup of tea) and MYSQL this I loved – I passed this City & Guild with 96% - nearly an honours-degree.
Most of my websites are now written in PHP and some uses the MYSQL to access databases especially my site “nearsucina” like reservations and bookings, exchange rates and costs, guestbooks …

MusseKat support ceased trading in 2016, as technology had progressed too fast on the hardware side for me to keep up with.

PC-How2 on the other hand is now my main business. I teach mainly "the third generation" how to use tablets, laptops, smartphones, and help with all sort of other problems – like a user had downloaded a pdf file and wanted to “borrow” a sentence or two but didn’t know how to get to the text in the file.

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